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nextstop Vienna, public transport schedule for Wiener Linien, Vienna, VOR

Nextstop provides an information service in real time for all public transport lines of Vienna City. The current timetable and information of departure times of all stations are at your hands in no time. For route calculation, the departure and destination points can be either stations or addresses.

Nextstop shows you your route, from door to door including all footpaths. With nextstop you get important information for your travel all the time and always up to date.

Start nextstop and immediately see the departures of surrounding stations!

Have a good trip!

Works with the transit agency: Wiener Linien - VOR - Public Transport Transit Austria - Öffis

* Automatically shows all public transit stations near you
* Find departure times from stations
* Find stations and get directions
* Multimodal trip planner from door to door
* Route including footpaths and taxi
* Uses real-time predictions

Found an error?
Please let us know:

Timetable information and station departure times are provided from Wiener Linien and VOR companies. For this reason, all delivered results and the availability of the service cannot be guaranteed. Please contact us before you leave a bad review. Thank you!

License for timetable information: Open Government Wien
Stadt Wien –
Wiener Linien – real-time information and routing
Erdbergstraße 202
1030 Wien
Tel.: +43 (0)1 7909 / 0

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